The Next Generation of Designers From Academy of Art University

Since its establishment in San Francisco in 1929, Academy of Art University has come a long way. When Elisa Stephens took over as president in 1992, enrollment increased ninefold. Today, nineteen thousand plus students call AAU home. The school offers both on-campus and online programs, including Undergraduate; Graduate; study abroad; pre-college; and high school completion programs. The school has steadily grown and continues to grow as its students gain recognition by attending showcases.


Academy of Art University

In 2005, Academy of Art University students put on their very first showcase at New York Fashion Week. There, a few pre-selected students were chosen to present a collection on the runway. Since then, AAU students have semi-annually presented and stolen the show for the past twenty-one years. With all those years of groundbreaking new collections from students, it is no wonder that the collections presented at their twenty-first showcase were said to be the future of fashion.


Despite having a student population that is 58 percent female, Academy of Art University is an impressively diverse private school. At 2017’s New York Fashion Week showcase, students from China; Mexico; and across the US debuted seven collections. The level of variety seen at this showcase was a direct result of the diversity at AAU.



On September 9, 2017, a myriad of fantastic ideas and techniques were exhibited on the runway. Just as ranged as the students’ ideas, materials featured varied from vinyl and PC to recycled rubber tires and denim. It goes without saying that the students put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work.



Notable alumni such as Heidi Montag, Raven-Symoné, and Chris Milk make huge shoes to fill for the next generation of AAU graduates. It seems the students who presented at New York Fashion Week 2017 have very bright futures ahead of them; they’ll have no problem filling those shoes.


Madison Street Capital: A Leader

In today’s world of finance, some companies are trustworthy and some are not so much trustworthy. There are many companies out there that are trying to gain a profit ethically and some not so ethically. One of the leaders of making a profit while operating ethically is Madison Street Capital. They are a worldwide leader in financing, capital funding, and other investments. Recently, they won a prestigious award for pertaining ethically and being a great business. One of the best things about Madison Street Capital is how they also give back to the community. When there are natural disasters such as earthquakes, Madison Street Capital is there to assist by providing money to charities and other charitable means. One great aspect of their business is in investment banking. They provide a great source of funding for a business that needs to expand, and they really take care of their investors. Their goal is to operate ethically, earn money, and make sure that their investors have the best chance to succeed in today’s financial markets.


In today’s world, a profit in the financial markets is not guaranteed. Each investment has its own chances of success, some are riskier and some are safer. Building a path to profit is important to every investor, so is making sure that their goals are clear. Some investors want to earn a quick profit while some want to build wealth for retirement, With Madison Street Capital, they appeal to every type of investor. They know exactly what companies to invest in can build a stable revenue profit for their investors. There are many stigmas towards l, large financial companies since the banking collapse, but with Madison Street Capital, people know that they are dealing with a reputable company that has their best interests. One great thing investors can know about Madison Street Capital is that they really care about the community and investors – they are not just in business to make a quick profit. Madison Street Capital reputation is great.


When it comes to your hard earned money, you need a friend and a partner to guide you along the way of earning a profit in today’s financial system. With Madison Street Capital, you gain that great partner that has the information you need to make your money work for you. They are quickly becoming a leader in the financial industry. With Madison Street Capital, you know you are dealing with a reputable company. Learn more:

The Invention, Use And Decommissioning Of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is a weapon that got its fame during the middle ages. Most if not all army inventories at the time had the Trabuco in their possession. The Trabuco was used during military activities and sieges to demolish concrete and stone walls. Trabuco’s ability to successfully bring down enemy walls and other reinforced buildings made it a standard military weapon. When it comes to performance, the Trabuco never disappointed as it was able to deliver lethal destruction to its targets.

During the war, the Trabuco was used to weaken the enemy’s defenses from a safe distance; this made it easier for the army to fight its opponents. One key component to the efficient functioning of the Trabuco is having the right skilled and experienced personnel operating this weapon. Though out the years, individuals with excellent marksmanship were used to deploy the Trabuco, this always resulted in the efficient use of this middle-age weapon.

The Trabuco is available in two unique designs. There is the traction and balancing Trabuco. The traction Trabuco was designed, developed and deployed earlier than the balancing Trabuco. It is, however, worth noticing that the two designs share a lot of similarities in their functioning. The balancing Trabuco was developed years later with the purpose of addressing the design and functional shortcomings of the traction Trabuco. On the completion of the balancing Trabuco, they were deployed, and this saw the traction Trabuco’s being decommissioned on The Term Trabuco in South American and other Latino speaking nations, Brazil being a perfect example, means a short gun or revolver.

The Trabuco had its glory years that spanned more than a century. The invention of gunpowder led to the development of weapons that were superior to the Trabuco. Two examples of these weapons are the Canon and the Gun. The gun revolutionized the who battling scene which led to the eventual decommissioning of the Trabuco. The canon was much superior to the Trabuco and delivered lethal destructive power on targets efficiently. During the Burgos and Rhodes attacks, both the canon and Trabuco were used simultaneously according to The last year that saw the use of the Trabuco was 1521, this happened during the war when gunpowder supply had declined.


Dick DeVos’ Accomplishments in Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is an American author, who was born on October 21, 1955. Apart from being an author, Dick is also an entrepreneur and lives in Michigan. DeVos is happily married to Betsy DeVos, the current United States Secretary. In the 1992-2002, Dick DeVos focused on business before running for governor in 2006. However, he lost to the Democratic incumbent Jenifer Granholm. In 2012, his father, Richard, was named by Forbes Magazine as the 67th richest person in the United States. Having a net worth of approximately $5.1 billion, Richard and his wife dedicated their life to philanthropy works.


Dick DeVos was motivated by his parents and launched a charitable organization in 1989, which was aimed at working as a vehicle for his donations. Apart from that, Dick is actively involved in the community where he co-chairs Grand Action, an organization that is responsible for revitalizing the downtown Grand Rapids. The businessman also acts as a board member of several projects that include the Willow Creek Association, Project Clarity, and West Michigan Aviation Academy. Further, he is also actively involved in the Michigan-based Windquest Group, an investment management company specializing in manufacturing, hospitality, and technology. DeVos started the firm in 1992, and he has been co-chairing it with his wife.


Dick DeVos started his philanthropy work in 1974. He joined the corporate world by working in his father’s company, Amway Corporation, where he held positions of various levels of responsibilities. In 1984, he was promoted to be the vice chairman of Amway Corporation, which currently manages divisions in 18 countries around the world. Having acquired the skills in running a company, DeVos left Amway Corporation to start his new firm. In his new company, Windquest Group, DeVos was actively involved with the community through several diverse projects. DeVos was supported by his wife, and they championed for a better education for all students, regardless of their financial status.


Advantaged to her position as the U.S Secretary of Education, Dick’s wife played a significant role in spearheading their education-based charity work. Dick DeVos’ father-in-law is the owner and president of Prince Corporation of Holland, based in Michigan. Through Prince Corporation, Dick DeVos has continued with his philanthropy works. The father of four has devoted himself to helping people by working with charity organizations around the world. The support that he gains from his wife and family has enabled him to be ranked among the most philanthropic persons in the United States.


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Whitney Wolfe Looks to Expand Bumble After Extravagant Wedding

Whitney Wolfe is doing some amazing things, and her wedding may be the most spectacular part of 2017 for the young entrepreneur. Bumble is something that is taking flight in areas like Philadelphia, New York and California. These are the areas where millions of matches are being made. She has become a socialite even though she is an app developer that is focused more so on technology. People are now recognizing her because the app she created is hip and trendy. People are getting excited about what Whitney Wolfe is bringing, and this may be the reason why her marriage is such a big deal.

Anyone else in the app community may not get the same type of high level of praise and interest in their weddings. Most app developers that are creating things like dating apps are not even known by society in general. Whitney Wolfe, however, has a well-documented life because she is changing the dating app world. People are impressed with her marriage on the Amalfi Coast, but they are also equally impressed with her skills as a businesswoman. People have been able to see her make changes and expand Bumble to Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

It appears that Whitney Wolfe is making the changes that people are appreciating because women now have a little bit more control. This is all part of her strategy as a businesswoman. Whitney definitely wants women to be in charge, and she has been able to successfully build a company that men and women are taking notice of. It is evident that she is a trendy personality that is going to be around for a while. Many people cannot seem to get enough of the Whitney Wolfe magic, and they take every precaution to follow her life and what she is doing.

Whitney Wolfe has become a person that has managed to bring people into her world as a professional business woman. Most people that adore her work have simply trickled into her personal life as well. The wedding that she had recently was something that had a lot of fanfare because the women that utilize the Bumble app are appreciative of Whitney Wolfe. They celebrate with her in her happiness, and they are marveling at all of the fantastic decorations and wedding videos that have surfaced for this prestigious wedding. Coincidentally, it brings more visitors to the Bumble app.


Daniel Mark Harrison Steers Monkey Capital to its First ICO Offer

Daniel Mark Harrison runs the prominent hedge fund investment firm, Daniel Mark Harrison & Co (DMH&CO). The global investment firm, (DMH&CO) operates profitable subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Previously, Mark was the MD of a cryptocurrency trading venture capital called Monkey Capital. At Monkey Capital, Daniel was responsible for overseeing smooth negotiations with clients like SpaceX to become their lead Blockchain systems provider.

Monkey Capital made history when it became the first the first Blockchain funded firm to provide pre-ICO options. That announcement send ripple waves all across, the now ever-trending cryptocurrency world. A senior writer at Huffington Post went to the extent of labeling the ICO move by Monkey Capital as a billion dollar baboon. The writer, Azeem Khan, went ahead to predict that the ICO would most certainly go down in history as the world’s first billion-dollar crowd-funded Blockchain Systems Company.

In anticipation of the upcoming ICO, the company has distributed COEVAL tokens to their immediate family and friends. These tokens will come in handy when purchasing the MNY tokens scheduled to be auctioned off to the bidders during the ICO.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a veteran media personality who’s worked with outstanding media outlets like the Wall St. Journal, Forbes,, CNN, CNBC, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

In 1999, Harrison forever changed the economics world with his awe-inspired Factory Banking theory. Today, countless manufacturing firms all across America and the world, rely on his Factory Banking model to streamline their systems. The inventor is reportedly working on a radical economics theorem that challenges the existing notions of how the free market economy works. It’s called the Bipolar Market Economy Equilibrium.

Harrison is an authority figure in the Bitcoin arena. He’s been closely following and studying the highs and lows of Bitcoins since they were first introduced. He’s written extensively on the topic and if you are interested in catching up with what Daniel Mark has been preaching about bitcoin, now valued at close to $6000 a coin, stop by He’s also renowned for his captivating novels sold at Amazon.


In 1999, Daniel Mark Harrison graduated with a top honors Theology degree from Oxford University. Six years later, in 2005, Daniel enrolled in his MBA at the prestigious BI Norwegian Business School. The bitcoin enthusiast cum author also has a journalism degree from the New York University.

Louis Chenevert’s Breakthroughs in Business

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who served as the Chairman and CEO of UTC. He had been the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada.
He understood the need to invest in technology and development. These were his driving forces towards the success of UTC Company. UTC deals with detailed research and later manufacture of high technology goods. The production of one jet quality engines is one of the factors in which the company prides itself. The refrigeration and air conditioning industry have also gained from the technological advancements at UTC.
Louis Chenevert focus and determination elevated the success of UTC gradually. He ensured the company had an impressive share rise increase by nearly double what UTC used to have. The financial success of UTC is what saw it become the most profitable Company in the United States.
Moreover, Louis Chenevert acquired a Goodrich $16.3 Billion. This sum went down in history as one of the biggest aerospace deals in the United States. Louis Chenevert served as the Vice-chairman of the Business Council for the years 2011-2012. Later in 2015, he got appointed as an exclusive advisor in the Merchant Banking Division. His role was to target opportunities in the aerospace market as well as offer advice to other businesses on the same.
Additionally, Louis received the Honor award in 2009 from the National Building Museum. He had undertaken his Bachelor’s Degree in production management at the University of Montreal. The HEC Montreal awarded Louis an honorary doctorate as well.
In 2011, he got to feature in the “Aviation Week and space technology” magazine for his success. He became the Person of the year in 2011 and this added to his success. This was one significant recognition that Louis received during his career.
Louis Chenevert believed that investing in technology also included the investment in people. He ensured that all people were productive in their areas of work. Sometimes, a group of people lacked activities in their areas of specialization. He warranted to get them a suitable environment where they would apply their skills while being productive.
Chenevert left a legacy at UTC that is being used as an example to date by the management at UTC. He believed that high-end Technology would go hand in hand with the quality of the education of the employees. This has seen UTC become thriving day by day. Chenevert currently works for Goldman Sachs.

Degradable Plastic to Enter the Market Next Year with Waiakea Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is planning to take on a new root next year. The company will be implementing a newly innovated plastic bottle that that is degradable. The packaging that the company wills us has a reduced lifespan by 98%. The brand says that the innovation will change the scientific approach to packaging and has the potential to transform CPG entirely.

The plastic package is also reusable. It is made using a plastic additive called the Timeplast. Timeplast is the only patented type of addition to the plastic material that is nano-degradable. The lifespan of the plastic is now reduced to around fifteen years from a long lifespan of normal plastic that is one thousand five hundred years. Waiakea industries will become the first to apply the nano-degradable bottles.

Research shows that the plastic has the same strength properties that a normal plastic has. Ryan Emmons who is the founder of Waiakea water says that the plastic was never invented because of probably two scientific reasons. The first is that most of the scientific research was directed towards the improvement of the qualities of the material regarding strength. It took them around seventy years. The second main reason is that most of the scientific research on the ways to make plastic degradable were focused on making it biodegradable. For many years, scientists have been working out on bioplastic but with failure.

Recently, Waiakea scientists took a different route in approaching degradation of plastics. Emmons says that they had to decide on the degradation of plastic chemically. The plastic material is first chemically degraded to make it degrade at a fast rate in nature. The plastic is not made biodegradable but rather converted into a carbon wax substance.

Timeplast additive reduces the degradation period by creating less complicated links of molecules in the plastic material. The re-engineered plastic is in the end weakened and thus has a shorter degradation period. To come up with the degradable plastic, it took five years and involved approximately twelve hundred experiments. The most significant challenge on how to create a package that would have the same strength as the original plastic but still be degradable.

Avi Weisfogel’s Focus on Sleep Disorder Treatment

Studies that have been conducted by medical professionals indicate that a human body needs to have enough sleep to work well. An average person needs a nine hours’ sleep for his or her body to revitalize. Individuals who sleep for less time than it is required are likely to be affected by facial issues such as a drooping mouth, dark circles under both eyes, swollen eyes, and sagging eyelids. Another significant sign of insufficient sleep is the hair loss since follicles get nourished when a person is asleep.

Avi Weisfogel is New Jersey’s leading sleep expert. He has been researching the field for the past two decades and has exceptional skills in sleep apnea treatment. The condition is life-threatening since it deprives one of sufficient sleep. Weisfogel’s entrepreneurship spirit motivated him to establish Healthy Heart Sleep, which focuses on training physicians about the treatment of different sleep conditions. The doctor later started Owner Unlimited Sleep, which has been educating dentists in how they can utilize their equipment in offering sleep therapies.

Weisfogel has conducted extensive research at Dental Sleep Masters to determine how the treatment of sleep conditions can be connected to dentistry. He established the medical firm and has currently come up with various therapies that involve the use of the oral appliances in ensuring that patients have enough sleep. The sleep defects expert has invented a device that medical professionals can customize to support an individual’s jaws so that the airway can be open. This therapy enables patients to sleep without difficulties.

Besides being a successful sleep expert, Avi is a dentist and has practiced at Old Bridge for more than 20 years. He runs Old Bridge Dental Care and has been acknowledged as the region’s best dentist for over a decade. Weisfogel graduated with his dentistry degree from the prestigious New York University. He accomplished a lot in the dentistry industry including being involved in charity undertakings. The medical professional donates toward the activities of Operation Smile. The organization is determined to correct facial and oral deformities that affect children across the world.

The Frontera Fund in Association with DACA

One of the tools that the country uses to ensure that peace prevails in the state is law. Every country, globally, has its own rules that govern it. Without the law, people would do whatever they wished. With that kind of system, many people would end up being hurt by others and have no one to turn to for compensation. Thanks to the law because when someone mistreats you, you can take them to a court of law to face trials and have a compensation. However, the law can be very subjective. This means that some people who may be charged guilty in the court may not deserve punishment. This is why the philanthropists exist to rescue such people.

DACA is one of the firms that was created to fight for such individuals. The DACA organization fights for the civil rights, human right and specializes in fighting for immigrant rights. Many immigrants have benefited from this scheme. The firm gives its members a chance to stay in the country for two more years before deportation. This membership is renewable. In the two years, the members of the firm may have gained the legal documents to be permanent members of the country. Other members may have completed their education.

Recently DACA organization has been having problems. This is the Texas Attorney General, filed a report with allegations that the firm lacks the right documents to mark its existence. The AG was supported by nine other officials. Although the company’s officials have been trying their best to deal with the challenge, Kelly announced that the institution was still unstable. This has induced fear to the beneficiaries.

This action has irritated the Arizona members because they were the initial recipients of the scheme. The members argue that the state should accept and appreciate the beneficiaries, as they are an asset to the country. This is because once the recipients gain citizenship, their revenue is used in purchasing houses and cars, which boosts the state of the economy. For those children who get a chance to stay and complete their education, they become the intellectual of the country. The dreamers have branded the Texas AG and his officials as ungrateful for their actions.

As a result of the allegations, the firm is not allowed to accept new memberships or renew outdated memberships. The Frontera fund has promised to assist the company in dealing with the situation. This has raised the hopes of the members of curbing the issue.