Hussain Sajwani: The Growing Partnership Between DAMAC Properties and Trump Organization

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani, known mostly just as Hussain Sajwani, is a 57 astute business magnate and investor. He is the founder and chairman of DAMAC Properties, the largest executive real estate developer in Dubai and the entire Middle East. Headquartered in Dubai, The company is known for its amazing record of developing luxurious residential, commercial and leisure properties. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

Hussain Sajwani has an astounding business history and a growing network of partners. He has for decades been a key figure in global capital markets and equity.. For a long span of time beginning early ’90s, Hussain Sajwani worked with the American government in Iraq, Bosnia, Somalia and other parts of the Gulf credited with the provision of remarkable food service to the United States Army. He has also worked with Bechtel, other giant international companies and financial institutions.

DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 to capitalize in the new decree that allowed foreigners to own real estate property in the Emirates. However, while the group now specializes in real estate development, the food section still remains a core part of the DAMAC Group. This is partly as a reminder of Hussain’s first business venture as well as his ability to cut deals with important partners across the globe.

While Hussain Sajwani still maintains a number of eye-catching business ties, the most special one is his business partnership with President Donald Trump. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

The relationship between Hussain Sajwani family and that of the Trump family began in 2013. The Trump International Golf Course in Dubai which officially opened in February 2017 and The Trump World Golf Course scheduled for opening towards the end of 2018 are both products of DAMAC developments.

The relationship between Hussain Sajwani and President Trump goes beyond business partnership. During Trump’s New Year celebrations, Trump recognized the presence of the Vijay Sajwani family by joyfully remarking that they are “the most beautiful people“.

Even with President Trump in office, Hussein Sajwani will remain a key figure in the Trump Organization due to his acquaintance with members of the Trump family who now run the empire.

DAMAC Group is not only known for its glamorous property developments and memorable marketing stunts but also for its massive involvement in charities. In the last few years, it has contributed millions of UE Dollars to help refugees in need, dress needy children and to provide clean drinking water to millions of people around the world. The Damac owner is thus a successful real estate mogul.