National Steel Car: Looking up to the Future

Gregory James Aziz, serving as the current president, chairman, and CEO of National Steel Car, is eager to transform his company into a multinational firm which would produce manufacture, and export rolling stocks. Since acquiring the company in 1994, Greg Aziz managed to turn the company into one of Canada’s most profitable manufacturing firms. Throughout its 100-year history, it is the first time for the National Steel Car to experience tremendous growth, and it is all accounted for the ability of Gregory James Aziz to manage the company using all of his knowledge and expertise about public transport and how it works.



Gregory James Aziz previously worked in the financial industry. He managed to save a lot of money from the corporation that he is working from, and his skills and expertise in running a business developed after he successfully made their family business as one of the top food delivery companies in Canada. After hearing the news that Dofasco will be selling the National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz decided to put down his offer and purchase the company. He has a grand plan for the National Steel Car, and when Dofasco awarded him the ownership, he immediately enforced his plans for the company.



He had to retain the remaining 500 employees hired by Dofasco because he believed that they have already developed the skills in creating quality rolling stocks and replacing them with new employees would only be a waste of talent and money. He decided to keep the employees and employ an additional 2,500 to help with the production of new rolling stocks. Because the number of employees increased, the National Steel Car was able to produce more than 12,500 rolling stocks per year, higher than their previous record of only 3,000 annually. The business is doing great under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, and he thanked the employees for their dedication to making the company the number one rolling stock manufacturer in North America.



Fast forward to the present day, the National Steel Car became one of the largest Canadian manufacturing firms, and they have been awarded several times because of their success. Gregory James Aziz was named as one of the best executives of all time, and he dedicated the award he receives to his employees. Today, the National Steel Car exports rolling stocks to the United States, and the company is planning to expand their operations overseas. Click Here for related information.


ISO have recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification and received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.

Gregory Aziz Changes The Way National Steel Car Innovates

National Steel Car is a leader in manufacturing and engineering of rail cars. Their expertise has been gathered over a period of more than one hundred years. Established in 1912, they have been continually developing over the course of decades. Their innovations and research have also established many of the standard principles of project implementation and manufacturing alike. The results of National Steel Car’s progress as an innovative leader are multidimensional and have led to some of the best industry wide changes throughout the North American countries.


Greg Aziz is one of the reasons that National Steel Car has been able to change and get better results in recent years. Under is leadership there have been several areas of the organization developed. Overall there are several key ways that Greg Aziz has been able to develop manufacturing and engineering facilities. Gregory James Aziz has established more resources while allocating team attention to developing the best techniques. This is one area that National Steel Car has been able to spearhead success and establish some of the best results on an ongoing basis. Since there are so many changes that National Steel Car has created within the industry, it is important to note that they have been a leader and changed the way that other organizations act and collaborate too.


Gregory James Aziz is one of the most influential leaders because of the way that he has changed standards of operation throughout National Steel Car. He has implemented unilateral management decisions as well as infrastructure changes to benefit the two thousand employees that work at National Steel Car. He has also been attentive to designing the best processes for customers. His commitment to excellence has led to the development of multiple options for customers so that they can have the best experience possible.


Gregory J Aziz has been a valuable leader as well as an influential member of society at large. With consistent efforts towards the betterment of the rail car industry he has led to some of the best practices for both customers and business groups. There are valuable relationships that have been built and maintained by his highly developed and effective team.  View More Information Here.


Greg James Aziz has been the President and CEO for National Steel Car for some time and established a lot of progress. The changes that he has facilitated have created a lot of valuable results including changes to infrastructure and customer service. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade.


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