The Frontera Fund in Association with DACA

One of the tools that the country uses to ensure that peace prevails in the state is law. Every country, globally, has its own rules that govern it. Without the law, people would do whatever they wished. With that kind of system, many people would end up being hurt by others and have no one to turn to for compensation. Thanks to the law because when someone mistreats you, you can take them to a court of law to face trials and have a compensation. However, the law can be very subjective. This means that some people who may be charged guilty in the court may not deserve punishment. This is why the philanthropists exist to rescue such people.

DACA is one of the firms that was created to fight for such individuals. The DACA organization fights for the civil rights, human right and specializes in fighting for immigrant rights. Many immigrants have benefited from this scheme. The firm gives its members a chance to stay in the country for two more years before deportation. This membership is renewable. In the two years, the members of the firm may have gained the legal documents to be permanent members of the country. Other members may have completed their education.

Recently DACA organization has been having problems. This is the Texas Attorney General, filed a report with allegations that the firm lacks the right documents to mark its existence. The AG was supported by nine other officials. Although the company’s officials have been trying their best to deal with the challenge, Kelly announced that the institution was still unstable. This has induced fear to the beneficiaries.

This action has irritated the Arizona members because they were the initial recipients of the scheme. The members argue that the state should accept and appreciate the beneficiaries, as they are an asset to the country. This is because once the recipients gain citizenship, their revenue is used in purchasing houses and cars, which boosts the state of the economy. For those children who get a chance to stay and complete their education, they become the intellectual of the country. The dreamers have branded the Texas AG and his officials as ungrateful for their actions.

As a result of the allegations, the firm is not allowed to accept new memberships or renew outdated memberships. The Frontera fund has promised to assist the company in dealing with the situation. This has raised the hopes of the members of curbing the issue.