The Invention, Use And Decommissioning Of The Trabuco

The Trabuco is a weapon that got its fame during the middle ages. Most if not all army inventories at the time had the Trabuco in their possession. The Trabuco was used during military activities and sieges to demolish concrete and stone walls. Trabuco’s ability to successfully bring down enemy walls and other reinforced buildings made it a standard military weapon. When it comes to performance, the Trabuco never disappointed as it was able to deliver lethal destruction to its targets.

During the war, the Trabuco was used to weaken the enemy’s defenses from a safe distance; this made it easier for the army to fight its opponents. One key component to the efficient functioning of the Trabuco is having the right skilled and experienced personnel operating this weapon. Though out the years, individuals with excellent marksmanship were used to deploy the Trabuco, this always resulted in the efficient use of this middle-age weapon.

The Trabuco is available in two unique designs. There is the traction and balancing Trabuco. The traction Trabuco was designed, developed and deployed earlier than the balancing Trabuco. It is, however, worth noticing that the two designs share a lot of similarities in their functioning. The balancing Trabuco was developed years later with the purpose of addressing the design and functional shortcomings of the traction Trabuco. On the completion of the balancing Trabuco, they were deployed, and this saw the traction Trabuco’s being decommissioned on The Term Trabuco in South American and other Latino speaking nations, Brazil being a perfect example, means a short gun or revolver.

The Trabuco had its glory years that spanned more than a century. The invention of gunpowder led to the development of weapons that were superior to the Trabuco. Two examples of these weapons are the Canon and the Gun. The gun revolutionized the who battling scene which led to the eventual decommissioning of the Trabuco. The canon was much superior to the Trabuco and delivered lethal destructive power on targets efficiently. During the Burgos and Rhodes attacks, both the canon and Trabuco were used simultaneously according to The last year that saw the use of the Trabuco was 1521, this happened during the war when gunpowder supply had declined.